Frequently Asked Questions

What does it taste like?

Some of our favourite descriptions to date:

  • "Tastes like a carbonated iced tea."
  • "Reminds me of the prune juice I used to drink as a kid"
  • "Well the nose is very similar to an iced tea. Effervescent like a sparkling wine but iced tea instead. I taste honey, bamboo shoot and citrus flavours."
  • "Like a weird cream soda"
  • "Hot lemon and honey!"
  • "That's disgusting."
  • "Tastes like a mix of tea and ginger ale."
  • "Sticks"

So yeah, you just need to grab a bottle and try it for yourself!

Does Club-Mate contain Caffeine?

Hell yeah! Club-Mate gets its caffeine from the Yerba Mate tea extract on which the drink is based. See below for some context:

Per 250ml Per ~330ml Per ~500ml
Coca-Cola 24mg 32mg 48mg
Club-Mate 50mg 66mg 100mg
RedBull 80mg 105mg 160mg
Coffee 150mg - -


How much sugar does Club-Mate contain?

Not a whole lot! Again, see table below for some context:

Per 250ml Per ~330ml Per ~500ml
Coca-Cola 27g 35g 53g
Club-Mate 13.5g 18g 27g
RedBull 26g 36g 49g

Is expired Club-Mate drinkable?

First, make sure that it is indeed expired, as the expiry date notation is The expiry date is set to a year after the manufacturing date, however the manufacturer claims the drink is good for 3-5 years. Let's just say that if you won't drink it, we will!

Is Club-Mate vegan?


Is Club-Mate gluten-free?


Who is the person in the logo?

No one knows. The name is Django, but that's about it.